Why Choose Ikolaha Group of Companies?

Why Choose Ikolaha Group of Companies?

Let’s be real. There are a million different trucking and logistics companies across the United States. What sets Ikolaha Group of Companies apart? What makes our drivers the best drivers? Why should a company choose to work with Ikolaha over all the rest?

First, Ikolaha was founded to be a different breed, to approach customers and the freight they need hauled as if they were family and the responsibility ours and ours alone. We wanted our customers to have peace of mind from the moment they get a quote until the moment their load is safely delivered to its destination. To accomplish this, we set the highest standards for ourselves, our trucks and our attention to detail. Details are what make up logistics after all so it’s best to choose a company that’s built on that type of thinking.

Here’s how we set ourselves apart from the rest:

  • We answer when you call and listen when you speak.
  • We never cut corners or take shortcuts when it comes to safety.
  • We find the solutions that other trucking companies can’t.
  • We’re licensed, insured and passionate about driving!

We’d love nothing more than the opportunity to expand on our unbeatable trucking services. Why not give us a call at (647) 678-9522 or submit a contact form today to start the conversation about your particular hauling needs with one of our friendly professionals. It’s that easy to partner with the best in the business!