Getting shipments where they need to go on a regular schedule is what we do.

Whether you’re a small company or a large one, when you need freight and materials hauled on a regular schedule you need to speak with the team from Ikolaha Group of Companies about how our Supply Chain services. They’re precisely what you’re looking for at a price you won’t find anywhere else in the industry.

Easy & Convenient

Working with Ikolaha Group of Companies couldn’t be easier. All it takes is contacting our team to discuss how best we may serve you. It’s really that simple!

Safe & Secure

Ensuring freight gets to its destination is only part of the job at Ikolaha Group of Companies. We also endeavor to see freight delivered safely and securely.

Trucking Services

  • Long-Haul Trucking Transport

    Road Transport options available from the Ikolaha Group of Companies run the gamut – from partial truckloads to full truckloads and specialty hauling. That pretty much guarantees that we can haul your freight.

  • Tanker Hauling Services

    It takes a special breed of truck driving professional to handle tanker trucks. Ikolaha Group of Companies not only has the skill and expertise to handle tanker truck delivery but we possess the drive to do it right.

  • Project Forwarding Services

    Has your company encountered issues when trying to move a large project from Point A to Point B? Then you need Project Forwarding service from the Ikolaha Group of Companies. It’s ideal for your needs!

Custom Solutions

At the Ikolaha Group, we understand sometimes hauling packages or preset pricing won’t work for every customer. To address this, our team will work with you to find custom pricing for your needs.

  • Tailor-make load prices.
  • Find the appropriate insurance.
  • Navigate custom delivery routes.
  • Schedule deliveries for preferred times.