Freight Tips from Ikolaha Group of Companies

Freight Tips from Ikolaha Group of Companies

While many of Ikolaha Group of Companies customers are familiar with the details of long haul shipping and freight delivery, some of them are new to what the process is like and what may be expected of them as customers. In order to help those customers out, we’ve decided to put together a short article outlining what you need to know when you’re ready to haul freight with the drivers from Ikolaha Group.

We’ll take a look specifically at six items we believe are the most important to cover with new customers. We’ve provided short explanations for each but if you have questions about anything we’ve listed just reach out to us for answers and a quote:

  • Freight Type: What are you shipping? Does it have any special safety or security protocols associated with transporting it? If so, we’ll need to know what they are before we provide a quote.
  • What Size Load: Usually freight is carried on pallets so the number of pallets is always helpful when pricing a quote for an Ikolaha Group of Companies customer. If no pallets, we’ll use a different method.
  • Pickup & Delivery: This is very important as it’s at the heart of what we do. We’ll need to know the precise pickup and delivery locations for whatever freight we’ve been tasked with hauling for your business.
  • Total Weight: This one may be outside the box for those new to shipping but the weight of cargo directly impacts fuel consumption so the heavier an item or items are the higher the quote will be – though not too high with Ikolaha.
  • Overall Value: We’ll need to know the full value of the hauled freight in order to provide that information to insurance companies or state agencies that monitor transport on critical infrastructure.
  • Total Dimensions: Knowing how large the freight we’re hauling is will allow us to load it properly and assess our quote more effectively. Larger, unwieldy loads will be more difficult to load and unload and costlier to transport.

With the knowledge we’ve shared here anyone should feel comfortable getting set to haul freight with Ikolaha Group of Companies. But if you’d like more information or assistance with the process – including a free quote for your particular needs – just give us a call at (647) 678-9522 or complete a contact form and we’ll reach out to you right away!