At Ikolaha Group of Companies, we carry all kinds of freight for customers – from delivering tanker contents to hauling oilfield equipment and energy sector materials. We’re the only trucking service you’ll ever need!

The Ikolaha Group of Companies can deliver just about anything you need shipped to almost anywhere in the country. The best answer to this question comes from one of our team after talking with you so call now!

We’ve made it incredibly easy to get a quote for any of our trucking services. You have two choices – either call us directly at (214) 784-0999 or submit a contact form through our website. Our team will then call you back.

When you call on Ikolaha Group for a trucking quote, we’ll need to get a few pieces of information from you to produce our pricing. That includes the shipment origin, destination, weight and safety protocols necessary.

Yes, they are. It’s important to understand that our rates are directly impacted by factors outside our control – like the unpredictable swings in the price of fuel. Ikolaha Group’s quotes are good for 24 hours and expire after that.

Weight is vitally important. Customers should always do their best to provide accurate weight during the quote process as any discrepancies in the submitted weight versus the actual weight could lead to billing adjustments.

Ikolaha Group of Companies provides what is known as carrier liability insurance. This policy insures freight by covering a preset amount per pound of the carried freight. You can also inquire about supplemental insurance.

As of now, yes, the trucks used by Ikolaha Group of Companies are owned by their operators. That ensures that each Ikolaha truck is in the ideal condition to safely deliver freight in the time specified by our customers.

The drivers at the Ikolaha Group of Companies gets your freight where it needs to go as fast as possible while adhering to every one of our safety guidelines – not to mention those established by State and Federal authorities.

This is one of the questions we hear most. The best idea is to contact us to find out as it can’t hurt to see if there’s an opening at the Ikolaha Group of Companies. You can contact us using the contact form on our website.

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